–that’s what we expect from your child!

The International Efterskole Vedersø Responsibility Cleaning


We do trust, that your child has the motivation to study and live at The International! For us it is natural, that our students are capable of getting up in the morning, doing their homework, doing their chores, coming to class and participating in our school in a constructive way! 

They are not here as customers – they are here as individuals who would like to grow socially, academically and personally!

We do not nurse kids!

It’s important for us to inform you, that we do not nurse kids! We teach them critical thinking, independence and how to be a part of a social community in a positive way. It also means that their year with us will be challenging! We do not only focus on what’s best for the individual - our students as a group is our biggest priority!

We teach them the meaning of "Fællesskab"

A danish word that is often used when we talk about efterskole/ boarding school is “fællesskab”. It means the bond that forms between all our students! 

We work with that bond every single day. We educate our students to understand the full meaning of the word! Their individual needs are subservient to  the "fællesskab". That's why we do a room change to create a new foundation to strengthen the bond between everybody. We do teambuilding through the entire year so they are constantly mixed and matched - and discover that those students they haven't talked to yet potentially could be great new friends. 

The International Efterskole Vedersø Moving Day Gear
Community. Community. Community. Community. Community. Community. Community. Community. Community.

Moving away from home - and learning how to live with other cultures can be a big challenge! And  that means everybody at some point here has to learn something about respect! Respect their fellow TI-mates for their differences - and realise that not all will be best friends - and  that’s okay! 

We welcome everybody here who is curious about the world! And everybody who is motivated to grow as a human being!

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