Education after T.I.

After a year at T.I. our students usually do one of three options: 

  1. They return to their local school back home - and continue their education there
  2. They go to either IB or Pre-IB
  3. They go to the Danish gymnasium/ungdomsuddannelse
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 returning to a local school 

When families ask us how it matches the specific demands from the school system in their home country we tell them to;

  1. Reach out to the student’s guidance counselor in their local school.
  2. Our school year at TI starts in the middle of August and ends at the end of June. All the exams are done in May and June - and it is not possible to move or offer any extra exams. If your child’s school year starts and finishes at another time - then ask your local school what it can mean for returning to the school system your child comes from. 
  3. The academic program we teach is the Cambridge IGCSE! Read more about it here: Bring the information to the guidance counselor - and let them help you decide what it can count for in the national school system. We cannot do that from TI! It is up to the local schools and you as families to decide.
  4. Some time the local school asks for absence records etc. from T.I. to allow students back into a year at their local school. Please inform us what the local school needs - and then we will do what we can to accommodate that. 

 apply for IB/Pre-IB 

Our guidance counselor at T.I. will help you through that process. Many of our students are interested in continuing a international education - and we have good experience in sending students to different IB-schools in Denmark. 

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Danish gymnasium/ungdomsuddannelse 

For our Danish students who are planning on applying for a Gymnasium or ungdomsuddannelse in Denmark there are two options: 

  1. If they are doing 10th grade at T.I. - they apply for acceptance with their 9th grade grades. 
  2. If they are doing 9th grade at T.I. - then they have to sign up for an optagelsesprøve at their local gymnasium. We cannot give any guarantees. - but all the students we have send to an optagelsesprøve have all passed - and been able to start at a gymnasium the following year.