Profile elective

Badminton four times a week

Pro or beginner? Everybody can join!

It's no secret! We have very talented badminton instructors! We also have two sports halls and 9 courts, so there is enough space to be a dedicated player! 

The head coach Erik.

He has been a professional player for many years - and is still a player at the Danish senior national team! He has his own talent academy for Badminton players - and he is in charge of Badminton at Campus Vedersø!

We take part in tournaments 

When you are a part of the Badminton elective, you have an opportunity to join the school team when we go to other boarding schools to participate in tournaments! 

  • VM in Badminton (The school championship for schools located on the west coast of Denmark) 
  • DM: The Danish championships for boarding school students. 
  • 4-kantsstævne - we compete against our neighbouring school in several sports. Badminton is a part of it! 
  • In the evenings we sometime book a bus and go play against other schools in the local area! 

To participate in the tournaments it's not a question of level! There are several leagues of different levels - and everybody can join! 

Vedersoeefterskole Profilfag Badminton Grej
Vedersoeefterskole Profilfag Badminton Brief
Vedersoeefterskole Profilfag Badminton Dobble
Vedersoeefterskole Profilfag Badminton Smash
Vedersoeefterskole Profilfag Badminton Timeout
Vedersoeefterskole Profilfag Badminton Spiller

Badminton instructors:

Erik "EP" Pedersen

Kim Skouborg


Carsten Toft Vindum

Janitor, singing and badminton instructor