Non-sport electives

You don’t have to be a sports enthusiast to study here!

It’s possible for you to fill up your elective blocks with a lot of other great activities - that causes no sweating or sore muscles!

Every November and March we offer a new round of electives! You can keep the ones you have - or try something completely new

The choice is yours! 

The International Efterskole Vedersø Electives Music
The International Efterskole Vedersø Electives Drawing
The International Efterskole Vedersø Electives Puzzle
The International Efterskole Vedersø Electives Pearls
Electives. Electives. Electives. Electives. Electives. Electives. Electives. Electives. Electives. Electives.

Board Games:

Catan, Werewolf, or Among us or… Board games is the elective, where there is time to think big on how to take over the world - or avoid being killed! 

International cooking:

Aperitifs from Turkey or snacks from Spain? International cooking is the elective, where we zoom in on food! and try to make it ourselves!

Film Art:

Passionate about movies? Interested in some of the old classics too?

Arts and crafts:

Drawing, jewelry, art, painting on rocks, knitting or something completely different? The arts and crafts class is the place where our brains and hands collaborate and create something from scratch!


Are you a star on piano, drums or guitar? or just enthusiastic about learning? Then the music/ band elective could be for you.


Yup. We offer that! Outside! Find your inner calm (or Hunger Games character) and learn how to master the bow and arrow. 


Imagine being the delegate from China, and representing its views on climate changes? Or Saudi Arabia? Or Brazil? In Model UN we do! The class is a theoretical class where we dig into what it means to represent different countries in the UN. We write speeches, create bullet proof arguments, and discuss relevant topics. We visit at least one Model UN conference - where the students take an active part in the discussions in different committees and General assembly! 

Danish as a second language:

As a part of the elective package the students can choose to attend 2,5 hours of Danish Beginners/ 2nd language Class. The focus of the classes is mainly to teach students to interact in everyday situations - both when it comes to writing and speaking. The classes combined with being in Denmark - making Danish friends, is a good foundation for both practicing and improving the Danish language skills.