Ambitious Academics

Qualified teachers, classes based on levels, and academically motivated students is the key to our great study environment. We have room for everyone and collaborate to achieve both collective and individual academic goals.

An International Certificate you can use worldwide

IGCSE is recognized internationally and can be found in thousands of schools in more than 140 countries around the world. All schools use the same Cambridge curriculum and this makes you able to easily transfer from one system to another without major difficulties. 

Cambridge IGCSE at a boarding school

At The International we’ve been a certified Cambridge school and examination center since we opened in 2016. All classes are taught in English, and because the teachers have relevant educational, work-related and personal experiences in international settings, they are highly qualified to teach in our IGCSE program. 

At The International we offer Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) for students 14-17 years old. The curriculum varies within each subject, but is generally equivalent to 10th grade studies in Denmark. We offer 8 different academic subjects at a high academic level, preparing students for further education.


Teachers from
all over the world

At the school, you become a part of an exceptional international learning environment. Your teachers and mentors have a global perspective, coming from various parts of the world. Together, you communicate in English and form strong connections both in the classroom and during your free time. This fosters both academic and personal growth.

Michel Christensen

Vice Principal and our go-to guy

Paul Friel

Teacher and student welfare team

Consuelo Davis

Teacher and Student welfare Team

A Winning Combination Theinternational Cambridge Academics

A winning combination

“Simply a fantastic school. The high international academic level combined with the unique qualities of the Danish boarding school is a winning combination.”

– Birgitte Bønding, Danish mother of William from Belgium

An international curriculum 

We have chosen Cambridge at TI because it is truly an international curriculum. Aligned with the GCSE standards in England, it provides numerous options after your year here. In many subjects, there is a choice between core and extended curricula, making Cambridge IGCSE suitable for a wide range of abilities.

Cambridge Math

Cambridge english

Cambridge global perspectives

Cambridge combined science

Cambridge enterprise

Cambridge German

Cambridge Spanish

Cambridge French

Cambridge Danish

Build your own schedule

At Campus Vedersø, you can create your own diverse schedule by combining academic subjects, sports, arts, and a wide range of other electives.