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Is football a part of your DNA?

Football at Campus Vedersø is for everybody! We love it when students want to try something new - or when they want to fine tune all the smaller technical details. We strive to teach all levels thanks to great coaches!

At Campus Vedersø we have teams for everybody - and if we have more players than we have teams - then we make more teams!

It's a popular elective for both boys and girls, and not to brag - we also have some pretty nice football facilities available! We are surrounded by football fields, and right outside our sportshall you’ll find our new 4G football pitch and goalstation.

It means that we play outdoors all year! and also on the dark and rainy days!

The training sessions - allround improvement!

During our training sessions we focus on technical, tactical and physical aspects of the game! And… FairPlay! We play against schools from all over Jutland, and it is important for us, that we leave our opponents with the impression that we play fair - despite the result of the game. 

We expect from our football students, that they are motivated to work on their personal fitness and skills and that you are willing to train seriously. 

Improvement requires dedication and a good work ethic - and we can not necessarily teach you that - we expect you bring it to the table - no matter what level you play at. 

Our coaches are great! They all have an impressive coaching resumé - and they are some of the best when it comes to developing talented young players! 

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Every week we train in our goalstation facility. 

The Goalstation is the ideal setting to create databased feedback! We use it, so the players develop individually. The data from the goalstation is used to track improvements and ranking. 

Vedersoeefterskole Profilfag Fodbold Piger Angreb

individual keeper training

Are you a goalkeeper? Then our goalkeeping coach Søren will work with you once a week in our dedicated keeper training session.

Our coach Søren Gahner is a certified a goalkeeping coach at level  GK1. He focusses the sessions around

  • Catching 
  • Placement
  • Kicking
  • Directing the defence  

Games are a natural part of our weekly life

It is a high priority for us to take the teams out - and let them play against other schools! During the year we also participate in different tournaments

  • The school leagues for boarding schools in Denmark - for private and efterskoler
  • The championsship for boarding schools in West Jylland.
  • 4-school cup - Tournament with our 3 neighbouring schools.
Vedersoeefterskole Profilfag Fodbold Traening Strategi
Vedersoeefterskole Profilfag Fodbold Drenge Hold
Vedersoeefterskole Profilfag Fodbold Traening Maal
Vedersoeefterskole Profilfag Fodbold Profil Bold
Vedersoeefterskole Profilfag Fodbold Kamp Forsvar
Vedersoeefterskole Profilfag Fodbold Kamp Moede
Vedersoeefterskole Profilfag Fodbold Traening Kunstbane

Contact to the pro clubs?

Are you talented enough? Then we have some connections 

If we spot a talent beyond the usual, we try to set up a test training with some of the bigger clubs around Jutland! It is ALWAYS done on the coaches' initiative - if they are convinced! And they will ask the players (not the other way around) 

Martin Holk Pedersen

Søren Gahner Larsen

Thomas Mølgaard Johannsen


John Furbo

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