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At The International, you will spend a year with 80+ young people from all over the world. You will be part of a diverse and safe community, where teachers and students form strong bonds and develop together. Beautiful nature surrounds our school, and the North Sea is our next-door neighbour.

The International combines a global, ambitious learning environment with the values of the Danish ‘efterskole’ tradition, where education, personal development and community go hand in hand. English is our common language, and thus both everyday life and teaching take place in English.

Academically, you will be studying Cambridge IGCSE subjects, which you combine with a varied palette of electives - or with one of our profile electives in Tumbling, Dance, Football, Badminton or Esport, taught by experienced and qualified coaches.

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Meet your world

At The International you will meet young people from all over the world in your everyday life. You will become a part of an international study- and training environment that will inspire you to reach new heights academically and personally.

Several times throughout the school year, we travel abroad together and gain experiences, memories, and an appetite for life as a global citizen.

The amazing network you gain from a year at Campus Vedersø unlocks a myriad of opportunities,
 especially if you dream of travelling, studying, or working internationally.

Develop your skills

At The International, you can put together your own diverse schedule by combining academic subjects, sports, and a wide range of electives. You can also choose to focus on one area and create a year all about your passion – whatever that may be.

You will receive a quality education together with other young people who share your level and ambitions. Teaching takes place in modern settings and facilities by trained teachers and educators who are specialists in their field.

Join the family

At The International, you will make friends for life and feel the uniqueness, significance, and security of being an important piece in a strong community. We meet each other with openness
and respect based on equality. We have room to grow, fail and learn. Diversity is our strength.

Together we take on the responsibility of the individual’s wellbeing, social understanding, and personal development.

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World class facilities

Campus Vedersø comprises two schools, "The International" and "Vedersø Idrætsefterskole." Shared facilities for sport and leisure provide a modern and well-functioning campus with numerous possibilities for all 230 of our students across both departments.

Tumbling centre

Whether you're an experienced gymnast or just want to try something new, We can offer you the chance to develop your talents in a certified tumbling environment.

Sports halls

At The International, we share two large sports halls with Vedersø Idrætsefterskole. These sports halls are at your disposal throughout your stay for a range of activities.

Dining hall

Our dining room is the cosy setting for your main meals on a daily basis. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all served here and we always eat together.

Science lab

Science isn't just about learning theory, we want you to get hands-on and experiment with science too. And we have just the lab for you to do this in.

Music room

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, you have access to the music room on a daily basis to practice alone or with others. There are a range of instruments and equipment.

Fitness center

Our fitness center is free to use and is equipped with a wealth of gym equipment for all types of training. All students are introduced to the fitness center.

Soccer pitches

We have two well-groomed soccer pitches and the best artificial turf facility in all of Western Jutland - ready for you to play at in the best Danish school league.

Outdoor areas

There are plenty of green areas at the school for you to enjoy and we provide a number of seating areas for you to relax in this natural beauty.

Beach volleyball

The beach might only be 5km away, but you can feel the sand under your feet right here at The International. We have two beach volleyball courts at your disposal.

Travel & explore

At The International – Academy and Boarding School of Denmark you will travel, live and experience the world together with your new-found friends. We want to bring the world to you and you to the world in return. By travelling you will gain cultural awareness, in addition to your knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live. You will meet your world.