Meet your world

The International Academy and Boarding School of Denmark is the only 100% English-speaking Efterskole in Denmark, where students aged 14-17 can combine the unique experience of attending a Danish efterskole/boarding school, with its proven educational and personal development qualities, with an international education. Come meet your world at The International Academy and Boarding School of Denmark, Vedersø.

At The International - Academy and Boarding School of Denmark located in Vedersø in Jutland both Danish and international students work towards understanding life in a global context.

The International provides an excellent academic English-speaking learning environment focusing on intercultural competence and awareness, international relations and personal development. 

With internationally recognised qualifications through the Cambridge IGCSE system and a choice of Modern Foreign Languages, you can prepare for your future whilst improving your language skills and establishing an international network and friends for life. 



Not only does The International give you the opportunity to focus on your formal education, it also offers two international trips and a range of elective subjects as well. 

Students and parents alike value this kind of school very highly because academic and personal development go hand in hand!

We welcome all nationalities and our excellent, caring teachers and counseling staff prioritise individual student success and well-being throughout the year.

Come "Meet your world".