Cambridge Combined Science

 Combined Science

Cambridge IGCSE Combined Science gives students the opportunity to study Biology, Chemistry and Physics, each covered in separate syllabus sections. It is a single award qualification, earning one grade.

The syllabus:

  • Helps learners to understand the biological and technological world in which they live, and take an informed interest in science and scientific developments.
  • Includes the basic principles and concepts that are fundamental to science, some current applications of biology, chemistry and physics, and a strong emphasis on practical skills.
  • The exams are divided in two - core and extended.¬†

The aims:

  • Provide an enjoyable and worthwhile educational experience for all learners, whether or not they go on to study science beyond this level
  • Enable learners to acquire sufficient knowledge and understanding to:
    • become confident citizens in a technological world and develop an informed interest in scientific matters
    • Be suitably prepared for studies beyond Cambridge IGCSE
  • Allow learners to recognise that science is evidence-based and understand the usefulness, and the limitations, of scientific method
  • Enable learners to appreciate that:
    • science is subject to social, economic, technological, ethical and cultural influences and limitations
    • The applications of science may be both beneficial and detrimental to the individual, the community and the environment.