Profile elective


you can choose to dance as a complete beginner - or as a pro!

Training is 1-4 times a week! 

If you like to work with choreo and powerful beats, then dance could be your (new) best thing! We teach all different kinds of styles: Freestyle, hip hop, jazz, lyrical or impro. Our mantra is that we teach something for everybody - also the beginner and the skilled dancer. 

The dance elective has two teachers - and whenever it's time to try something completely new they hire some great freelancers. You are always taught by the best of the best! 

how much can you develop in one year? 

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Performance and shows!

Of course it's a part of being in the dance class! during spring time especially our team travels around the country to perform at various competitions and shows. 

It is no secret, that we are ambitious with our dance team. Our goal - every year- is to participate in the Danish championships for boarding schools. We’ve reached the podium before - and we always strive to do the absolute best we can with our potential! 

We are looking for dedicated and brave students who are willing to learn - and work with their potential! 

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Dedication. Concentration. Motivation. Practise. Practise. Practise. And. More. Practise.

How many dance classes would you like in your schedule?

Three times a year you can combine and choose how much dance you want to have in your schedule. The maximum of classes is 4. The choice is yours!

Sebastian Pilgaard Andersen

Frederikke Bundgaard Stensig