Transportation to and from school

More or less every weekend you have the choice to stay at the school, go home, go home with friends, or – with your family's permission – travel to somewhere else in Denmark for a few days. 

The easiest way to be transported to and from the school is by car.  We know that’s not possible for everybody, so there is another option too. 

Every Friday at 14.35 it is possible to take the “efterskole bus” to Herning Train station. From Herning you can take public transportation to where you need to go. 

The same goes for Sunday night. The Efterskole bus leaves from various stops around the region - and drops of students in Vedersø at 21.50. Just in time before good night. 

The closest train station to Vedersø is in Tim - 6 km. - and in Denmark we like to bike.. so… that’s an option too! From Tim it is possible to take the train to Holstebro or Ringkøbing.

Book a personal Flex taxi: 

It is possible for students to call a Flextaxi, and book it to come directly to T.I.

Read more about FlexTaxi  booking, prices and payments here