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Meet us. Meet us. Meet us. Meet us. Meet us. Meet us. Meet us. Meet us. Meet us. Meet us.

Open House event

- the perfect overview of what the school can offer.

Several times a year we open the doors, so you and your family can stop by Vesterhavsvej for a tour around the school, a cup of coffee and a chat with students or teachers about more or less everything related to everyday life here.

The dates for the open house events are:


10. January
Efterskolerne's Evening 18.00-21.00 No sign-up needed!


19. March
Open House kl. 16.00–19.00 Vesterhavsvej 43, Vedersø, 6990 Ulfborg Sign up here


5. June
Open House 16.00 - 19.00 Vesterhavsvej 43, Vedersø, 6990 Ulfborg Sign up here

Book a Private tour

– The ideal time for you and your family to get an insight of everyday life here. 

Are you only in Denmark on vacation? Or are the open house dates not really the optimal times for you? Then e-mail us at: and let’s arrange a day where one of our staff members/students give you a tour around the school - and afterwards we’ll have a session, where we can answer all your questions too. 

Let’s talk on Teams!

–Then you can “meet” The International… in your own living room

We have a lot of Team talks with families around the globe! And it is a great setup!

The Team talks can be set up at any time, and the duration is usually around an hour. We prefer to set you up with a staff member and a TI-students, and then you can hear from the student first how things are seen from their perspective - and after that you can have the rest of your questions answered by the staff member! 

How to book a teams talk: Send an e-mail to and we will arrange a date - and send you a link to the meeting. It’s super simple! 

Come and visit us.

Fill out the form below, and we will contact you to arrange a time for you to come and visit us.

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Language camp - a 4 days efterskole sneak peek 

Every year in October we open the doors for potential interested future students. We host a 4 days language camp, where we offer all the things that make T.I. unique. We focus on social activities, teambuilding, efterskole traditions, contact groups, evening activities and roomies! The camp always starts Sunday in week 41 and finishes Wednesday in week 42.

Interested? Email for any further information and signing up.  

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