Who is the typical TI-student?

Danish? Expat?  or International student? 

People often ask us, what kind of students we have!

Overall we can divide our students into 3 groups! The native Danes, the expat kids and the internationals.

  • 1/3 of our students are native Danish students. They come to TI because they are ambitious about improving their English, and they are interested in making friends from all over the world! 
  • Another 1/3 are students from expat families living somewhere abroad! Maybe they have relatives in Denmark, or had some schooling in Denmark, but most of their lives they’ve been living outside Danish borders!
  • The last 1/3 is international students with no connection to Denmark! They find our information online, or have heard about us somewhere through their network. After an online talk meeting with us, they decide that Denmark is the next destination on their educational journey. 

We are a danish school

-even though we speak English 24/7.

Our 3 student groups give the perfect conditions for cultures to meet - and also to experience what studying in Denmark is like! 

We like to stick to our three categories of students, because for us it is the perfect way to let different cultures meet! AND, Also for all our students to learn more about danish culture and heritage! 

International DNA. Danish efterskole. International DNA. Danish efterskole. International DNA. Danish efterskole.

Mandatory requirements for our students:

  • Students MUST have had 8 years of schooling BEFORE the school year starts at TI.
  • We only accept students who are intending to stay for a full academic year (August - June).
  • Normally our students are between (14)15-17 years old! We cannot accept students who have turned 18 BEFORE school starts in August.

 Nice to know about T.I. BEFORE signing up:

  • We do not cater vegan diets.
  • All dorms are divided in girls/boys dorms.
  • When enrolled in the school the students also accept that we post pictures and videos of them on social media and in marketing material.
  • Every night before 9.50 pm all students hand in their electronics over night. They are accessible again the next morning from 8 am. 
The International Efterskole Vedersø School Galla Selfie