Personal development

A year filled with personal development.

Spending a year at an efterskole is about so much more than academia! Its a year where our students develop their life skills!

To mention some specific examples:

  • We do not wake our students up in the morning.
  • If they are sick it is their responsibility to tell a teacher.
  • With an ambitious schedule it is also their responsibility to make sure they hand in their assignments on time. 
  • They do their own laundry.
  • Make their own beds.
  • Keep their own room clean.

The list is way longer - but they come here at a very young age and on an everyday basis they are required to make sure they live up to what the school expects from them. 

We know that it is a process to learn everything - and we are here as adults to guide them through it all! But, at the end of the day we work from our two core values: trust and respect. 

We trust our students can cope - and manage - or that they will - and we respect that sometimes they mess up and we try again. 

The International Efterskole Vedersø Crafts
The International Efterskole Vedersø School Galla Speech

For many of our students it is also a year where they build new bonds with teachers and  fellow students all the way from scratch!

They also face language and cultural barriers, the food is different and maybe they share a room with someone who never will be their next best friend. 

Everything teaches them to adapt to new situations, to interact with different people despite difficulties, and to work on long term solutions, because it’s not always a quick fix when it comes to student well being. 

We tell our students that a stay here is a 10 month journey - but it is also 10 months of work!

 WE SEE every year that the majority of our students develop both personally and socially!