Important dates 2023–24

Please note that all dates and events are subject to change. 


10. August
First day of school Vidarhøj 2, Vedersø, 6990 Ulfborg


13. October til 22. October
Half term Week 42. The students will be off in the afternoon on the 13th. They must be back at the school Sunday the 22th in the evening.


20. December til 2. January '24
Christmas vacation Students must be back at the school before 3 pm on the 2rd. We are having lessons that Tuesday from 4 pm.


21. March '24 til 2. April '24
Easter break  (Extended) Students leave for Spring break on Thursday the 21th of March 2024 from 3 pm. They should arrive back at school Tuesday the 2nd of April (classes from 4 pm).


22. June '24 til 1. January '01
Graduation Vidarhøj 2, Vedersø, 6990 Ulfborg

When the provisional calendar has been made it can be downloaded here.