School values 

your home – away from home

We are not just a boarding school - we want it to be a home away from home during the time our students are here!

At the same time we also know we have a lot of teenagers in a limited space. It is crucial to us, that our students feel safe and welcomed in our multicultural environment. 

Therefore, we have a set of values to ensure everybody feels respected and acknowledged. 

The International Efterskole Vedersø Colourrun Team


  • You must follow your schedule, show up to classes, activities and duties on time including observing homework hours and bedtime.
  • You shall come prepared and participate actively in class/activities and in a manner, which supports a caring, considerate, respectful and helpful environment.
  • In addition, you are responsible for completing assignments and coursework on time. Failure to do so may result in an incomplete grade.
  • Alcohol and illegal drugs are not allowed at the International or when travelling to or from the school, nor is it allowed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs whilst at the school.
  • Smoking any type of tobacco is banned.
  • Sexual interaction is not allowed.
  • To ensure privacy, male and female accommodation is separate.
  • Racism and xenophobia are contrary to The International’s founding principles and therefore any form of hate speech or discrimination will not be tolerated.
  • Any form of bullying and/or violent conduct will not be condoned.
  • On school days all internet-based electronic items including cell-phones shall be handed-in before bedtime.
  • If you need medicine during your stay at The International, you will be asked to provide a doctor’s note. Depending on the type of medicine, we may request that we administer the medicine from the office.

The above rules apply at any given time/place while you are in the care of the school.

You will be met with respect, openness and a positive attitude at TI

We naturally expect you to treat others the same way.