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Academics & electives

The International is a unique combination of an international study environment and the values of the danish boarding school. You will become a part of an international study- and training environment that will inspire you to reach new heights academically and personally.


You will study Cambridge IGCSE subjects and receive a quality education together with other young people who share your level and ambitions.


Combine a global, ambitious learning environment with the Danish ‘efterskole’ tradition, where academic, social and personal development go hand in hand.


At Campus Vedersø, you can put together your own diverse schedule by combining academic subjects, sports, arts and a wide range of other electives.

Life skills

A boarding school year has been proven to build lasting friendships and relationships, expand horizons, and help students gain knowledge and perspective on life. Together we take on the responsibility of the individual’s wellbeing, social understanding, and personal development.

One Big Family Theinternational Academy And Boarding School Of Denmark

One big 

At Campus Vedersø you will make friends for life and feel the uniqueness, significance, and security of being an important piece in a strong community among peers.

Well Being Mentor Theinternational Academy And Boarding School Of Denmark


Together we take care of your well-being, personal development and social learning.

You get a well-being mentor who is there for you throughout the school year.

The International Efterskole Vedersø Beach Team


We aim to promote a multi-cultural, international English-speaking living environment so that all students can form friendships free from linguistic barriers and prejudice.

A Winning Combination Theinternational Cambridge Academics

A winning combination

“Simply a fantastic school. The high international academic level combined with the unique qualities of the Danish boarding school is a winning combination.”

– Birgitte Bønding, Danish mother of William from Belgium

Campus Vedersø

At The International, you will spend a year with young people from all over the world. English is our common language, and thus both everyday life and teaching take place in English. You will be part of a diverse and safe community, where teachers and students form strong bonds and develop together.

Vi Udestraekning Idraet Efterskole


Combine and explore a lot of different electives within sports, culture and arts in our unique international training environment.

The International Sunset Beach


Beautiful nature surrounds our school, and the North Sea is our next-door neighbour. In Vedersø, nature is right outside the door, and we use it all year round.

Campus Activities Theinternational Academy And Boarding School Of Denmark


Take part in the world’s best community for board game nights, music quizzes, barista courses, mini concerts, sport games and much more.

Travel & explore

Several times throughout the school year, we travel abroad together and gain experiences, memories, and an appetite for life as a global citizen. The amazing network you gain from a year at Campus Vedersø unlocks a myriad of opportunities, especially if you dream of travelling, studying, or working internationally.

The International Efterskole Vedersø Worldtrip 2

World trip 

The International European Trip Italy


The International Travel And Explore

Trips in 

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