Visit Denmark

Discover Denmark

At The International, we believe it is important to know and understand where you are from in order to put international experiences in true context. Therefore, we also do trips of different lenghts to discover Denmark.

We do small excursions on a regular basis and round off the school year with a trip of several days somewhere in Denmark. You can also join or elective: Exploring Denmark - or choose one of our Danish classes on different levels, if you want to get to know the country and language even better.

Beautiful Denmark

Denmark is a lovely country, and our school is already located in beautiful surroundings. However, we want our students to see a little more of Denmark than just our little picturesque neighbourhood. Therefore, we have several day trips and smaller excursions during the school year into areas around the school in West Jutland and elsewhere in Denmark.

It changes from year to year, where we go on our smaller excursion out into the Danish countryside and cities.

Joint end-of-the-year trip: It's all about 'hygge'

At the end of each school year, we go on a joint trip somewhere in Denmark to say a proper goodbye. The main focus of the trip is to spend quality time together with loads of 'hygge', fun activities and competitions.