Global Cultural Trip

Your world awaits

There is a world out there and it is waiting for you to discover it. The International - Academy and Boarding School of Denmark offers you this exceptional opportunity to explore your world whilst focusing on your international education

Where will you go?

2018-19: Our destinations where Sydney, Australia/SingaporeCalifornia/Waikiki, Hawaii or Spain. 

Please note that places for each trip are limited, and whilst we try to give everyone their first choice, we give preference to students depending on how early they signed up for the school year.

Regardless of which trip you choose, it will be an adventure of a lifetime and a trip to remember. 

Discover your world

On our global cultural trips you will go on a unique international adventure for up to two weeks. Here the content and requirements of Global Perspectives and our International Relations courses will play an important role as you learn first-hand about other countries and their cultures.

The purpose is to gain global perspectives, develop networks, gain experiences, understanding and knowledge. We will explore the history, culture and nature of the country with a focus on environmental, political, economic/industrial, social and religious issues locally as well as globally.

There is an extra fee involved for this trip depending on the chosen destination. However, the cost will not exceed 20,000 DKK. From 2018-19 there will also be a less expensive option of 6,000 DKK which will be within Europe.

For a sneak peak at the Blue Mountains in Australia check out the video below.