European Trip

Meeting Europe

You will travel to a European country with the rest of the school to meet another European culture and strengthen your friendships through shared experiences and challenges.

Cultural awareness 

An important part of the trip will be to visit important historical sites, a European major city and beautiful nature to experience first hand.

We have so far visited the marvellous cities of Prague, Krakow, Brussels and Strassbourg and have had very interesting guided tours in all cities and exciting excursions to the surroundings. To name a few, we have visited the European Parliament, the famous Wieliczka Salt Mine outside Krakow as well as the concentration camps Theresienstadt and Auschwitz.


An equally important part of this trip is to strengthen friendships between students through shared experiences and teambuilding exercises. Most of the exercises will be in beautiful nature and could be in the form of for instance rock climbing, rapelling, canoeing etc. It will be at a level where everyone can participate and should you prefer not to do a particular exercise, noone will force you - you will probably not be the only one and you can cheer your friends on as they break boundaries while you prepare yourself for the next experience :)