Study Trips

To travel is to live

At The International – Academy and Boarding School of Denmark you will travel, live and experience the world together with your new-found friends. We want to bring the world to you and you to the world in return. By travelling you will gain cultural awareness, in addition to your knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live. You will meet your world.

Experience your world

As Hans Christian Andersen put it “to travel is to live”.It is an integral part of our thinking that our trips should develop you personally, linguistically and culturally within authentic learning environments. On our trips you will not be a tourist. Instead you will be a traveller, an explorer and an observer. You will encounter different international environments, where your cultural norms will be challenged and you will be able to build your global network. Moreover, you will gain global perspectives, put your knowledge to good use and have the trip of a lifetime.

Where will you go?

All students participate in two main study trips during the year.

A European Trip with focus on bonding as well as history and culture.

A Global Cultural Trip in smaller groups.

Below: student-made video highlights from our recent trip to the US.