Efterskole Bus

Catch a ride with the Efterskole Bus

Going home for the weekend? Get there and back easily with the Efterskole Bus

When you go to The International, you have the opportunity to use the Efterskole Bus when you are going home for the weekend. 

The Efterskole Bus picks students up from the school and drops them off at selected locations every Friday. On Sundays it will pick you back up from the location and drop you off at the school. Usually we can adapt the schedule for national holidays etc. 

Click on the link to see the drop-off and pick-up spots (school year 19/20) here - download the pdf.

Download the app to book tickets - it's available on both Android and Apple – Search for Efterskolebussen in your app store! 

You can read more about the bus service and the app here - download the pdf.

It's important that it is the student who have the app on their phone, because this is how the ticket is shown to the bus driver. Students can invite their parents to transfer some money to the account to pay for the tickets. 

Having problems downloading the app? Contact CentrumTurist at info@centrumturist.dk