Community, personal development and student welfare are the most important priorities

Trine Lashley is a perfect combo og Danish and English

I grew up in Denmark where I went to efterskole for two years after which I went to a Danish high school. I took a gap year in The U.S. being an Au Pair. A few years later, after I finished my bachelors, I went to Washington D.C. to be an intern at the Danish Embassy for five months.

Whilst I finished my Masters I went to London where I worked freelance as a dramaturg, drama teacher, director of children´s theatre and everything else under the sun that had to do with theatre, storytelling and singing.

Eventually, I got tired of hunting for jobs constantly or working nine different jobs in one week and decided to become a teacher as I was teaching a lot anyway and I knew I would love it. I got a job at a grammar school in South London where I stayed six years before my husband and I decided to move to Denmark where I was employed by Vedersø Idrætsefterskole.

I teach:

  • Song
  • Drama
  • Counselling


Masters in Dramaturgy, 2004, Aarhus University.
PGCE, 2010, Goldsmith College, University of London.

International experience:
Gap year as an au pair in the US. Intern at the Danish embassy in Wahington DC for five months. Lived in London for several years and my husband is British.


Country on my bucket listThe WHOLE WORLD. I absolutely love to travel and would go most places – as long as I would not get adducted and/or killed. However, I have a dream of taking my family to Barbados where my husband´s family is from. But then again New Zealand, Kenya, Canada, Spain, Sweden would be nice…

My primary goal in working with young people

My primary goal in working with young people is to make them confident and to teach them that it is okay to make mistakes. Another goal is to have fun whilst learning as I think that is the best way.

My favourite quoteJust try – I am here to help you.

Trine's speciality; With English I am at my best

- That's all there is to it

There are quite a few tricks up my sleeve: English, History, RS, Politics (called Kulturfag in Danish), Drama, Singing (and getting others to join in).

But after having lived in London for 13 years English is definitely my main speciality. Not just how to speak it, but furthermore the Enlish culture and international environment. 

Additionally I am one of the student counsellors at VI. I help the students figure out what the next step is for them.

And CLEANING (We have made a great video of how to clean the bathroom - your kids have no excuse not to clean at home after a year at TI)

My coolest hashtagI really do not do social media - a political decision! ;)

Why TI?

It is a great school where you meet people from all over the world whilst experiencing the Danish way of an efterskole, which is something absolutely special. It will be a life-changing year where you will really expand your horizons and you might even go chasing one or two on your trips to different countries.