Our very own Jack of all trades

Thomas Mølgaard Johannsen can do many things. Gaming, IT, sports - Let's go!

I am an outgoing, happy and calm person - who enjoys all sorts of sports.

When there's something I find interesting, I am quite competitive. I love spending time gaming/watching all sorts of games. From Chess to cs:go and League of Legends to Champions League, Superliga, snooker or biathlon.

I could probably be put into the category: Jack of all trades. :)

I teach:

  • Mathematics IGCSE
  • Science IGCSE
  • Soccer and other electives


Bachelor in Biotech, Aalborg
Soccer coach & Skiing instructor

International experience:
Germany, Vietnam, Austria and Denmark


Country on my bucket listGalapagos Islands - because it's the only place where the giant turtles live, and I really want to see them (not just in the zoo).

My primary goal in working with young people

The coolest thing about working with young people is to see them develop socially, physically and academically. 

I love when they start to form their own opinions and views so you can fruitful discussions with them, 

The fact that what you do an say makes a difference. It might be used or discarded - but considered all the same. 

You have one point of view until you are convinced of another, and it's awesome to follow that development in young people while they form their identities. 

My favourite quoteYou are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think
Winnie the Pooh

Thomas' speciality; Soccer, IT, Math/Science and skiing

- Let's get going!

Football has always interested me. Both when I play myself, and when I can help to make a tactical difference. Whether it is on the pitch or from the sidelines does not matter to me.

IT has been my go-to when I have wanted to try stimulate my brain with tactical or timeconsuming games. This has later led to an interest in optimizing and improving computers through both hardware and software.

The tactical interest is a common component to mathematics and science as well. At university, I have worked with - geeked out about - sustainability and optimization of processes via Biotechnology, which has given me a strong base for mathematics and science.

Last but not least, I have been skiing since I was very young, which made me want to become better at it.

My desire to give others a better experience with skiing resulted in me travelling to Austria for more than four months, where I taught all ages both privately and as a group lesson. I mainly taught in German or English and sometimes 'sign language' or even Russian. 

If I encounter an obstacle, such as a language barrier, I try my best to make it work - and it usually does if both parties show interest.

Why TI?

Because you have the opportunity to speak loads of English - which I love. The fact that the students create friendships across borders - creating a global network - is simply awesome.