I used to play school with my friends - I was always the teacher

Tekla Vangsgaard Bjerre: "I just love being a teacher - it's as simple as that"

I always knew I wanted to become a teacher. When I was just a child, I used to play school with my friends, and I was always the teacher. 

I fell in love with efterskole-life when I was a student myself at Lomborg Efterskole, and even more so when I worked as a substitute teacher at Vedersø Idrætsefterskole in 2001. However, I didn’t end up at an efterskole. Instead, I found myself a teacher at Brorsonskolen in Varde for 16 great years - and then 1,5 years as pedagogical head of education at a school in Esbjerg - before the possibility of applying for my dream job suddenly became possible. 

To me, it was fate that this opportunity of becoming an efterskole-teacher at TI presented itself - and I cannot wait to get started. 

I teach:

  • Danish
  • German IGCSE
  • Arts & Crafts electives


- Teaching degree, Blaagaard Statsseminarium, 2003. Core subjects: Danish, English, History and PE.  
- Additional core subject - German, 2012, University College Syddanmark.
- Diploma in leadership 2017-2020, University College Syddanmark.

International experience:
I lived 6 months in Norway in 1997 where I worked as a maid at Holmenkollen Parkhotel in Oslo. In 2003 I travelled around Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia for half a year with a friend, experiencing the local culture.


Country on my bucket listAustralia - I love the accent, and I always wanted to see and experience the beautiful nature and learn about the culture.

My primary goal in working with young people

To teach the students to take responsibility when being a part of a community as well as dare to stand by who they are as individuals. To see opportunities instead of limitations and to believe in one's abilities despite challenges. Life is not a straight country road - but a wild roller coaster ride. 

My favourite quote"Love while you've got love to give. Live while you've got life to live." - Piet Hein

Tekla's speciality; Danish, German and Arts and Crafts

- Let's get creative - but not with the grammar

Languages enable us to communicate with each other. Even across time through litterature, technoology and media. I try to help my students discover the joy of reading, understanding and analysing. And of course the joy of grammar! Who doesn't love correct grammar? ;)

Additionally creative endevours bring me great joy. First of all it's "hygge" (cosy), and you get to create something. I always look forward to seeing what the students will create when I give them a project. Many of them are really creative so it's always fun to see what they come up with. Let's get creative!

My coolest hashtag#strongertogether

Why TI?

You should choose TI because you can experience the true efterskole-spirit in a multicultural and international context with students and teachers from all over the world. Here you can challenge yourself intellectually as well as personally. It will be a school year that you will never forget. I have chosen TI because it gives me the opportunity of working in an environment that embraces differences through the meeting of many cultures. Also, it gives me the opportunity of building a close relation to my students - and hereby a greater understanding of their individual goals and needs.