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Søren Gahner Larsen; the student returns

I grew up in West Jutland in a small town called Idom, where I went to school before going to Vedersø to have my 'efterskole' year.

As an old student at Vedersø, 'efterskole' life has left its mark on me. I have furthermore been to a 'højskole' in Viborg and travelled through much of USA.

I finished my education to become a teacher in 2013, and I have been a part of the 'efterskole' world ever since.

Football means a lot to me, and I am part of the coaching team here in Vedersø. I help to develop our students' knowledge and skills. American football also holds a special place in my heart as I have been following the sport since 2004 - and even played it for ten years myself.

I teach:

  • Soccer


Teaching diploma, Institute of Education Nr. Nissum 2009-2013, profile subjects: Math, Physics/Chemistry and Physical Education.
UEFA B-license, 2015 and M1-goalkeeper coach, DBU
Coordinator and counselor for interns, 2016, VIA Holstebro

International Experience:
Three months travelling around in the US.


Country on my bucket listDenmark - it's just a lovely country, and there is much more to see and do. Travelling is great - but home is better.

My primary goal in working with young people

I see it as my most important goal to create a framework for the students to have the best possible year at The International.

I want to help them develop and give them some experiences they can take with them when they leave.

I believe that it is essential to be both a co-player and a supportive opponent to the students. They need to be both supported and challenged. That creates the best conditions for development - both academically and on a personal level.

My favourite quoteKnow the rules well, so you can break them effectively
Dalai Lama

Søren's speciality; soccer and science

- facts are facts, so let's figure them out together

My specialities are football and the scientific field. I have taught physics/chemistry and mathematics for as long as I have been a trained teacher - and am still trying to develop my skills in teaching and engaging the students in science. You can always improve.

The well-being of our students is of the utmost importance to me. I prioritize developing meaningful bonds with my students. I try to have a positive impact and be a good role model for all.

I love watching the students give it their all on the football field. And to help them develop their abilities on and off the field.


My coolest hashtag#JustDoIt

Why TI?

I have chosen to become part of the TI team as a soccer coach to meet different cultures and develop myself - one day I might even be able to call myself a true cosmopolitan. I think these are excellent reasons for any student to choose The International as well.