An Irishman with humour, idioms and jokes to spare

Paul Friel has been part of the TI project and family from day one I graduated from Queens University, Belfast in 1984 and taught in the same school for the next 25 years.

I came to Denmark in 2009 and began working in international schools until I joined the International in May 2016.

I have been at the International since the very first day and I love being at the school. It encompasses all that is good about education, personal development focus and academic focus. 

Meeting students from all around the world is a great experience for me as I grew up in a bipartisan society.

I teach:

  • English IGCSE
  • Basketball
  • Golf


Graduated from Queens University, Belfast in 1984

International experience:
I lived in Northern Ireland for 48 years and taught for 25 of those years.


Country on my bucket listAustralia - because of the diversity of wildlife and landscape.

My primary goal in working with young people

To prepare them for the tests of life which they will undoubtedly face. To give them a backpack of skills which they can use for the rest of their lives and add some good academic results - which is the icing on top.

My favourite quoteGood manners cost nothing / If it is to be it is up to me / We should prepare students for the tests of life and not for a life of tests (I have many more)

Paul's speciality; English, jokes and student welfare!

- Ever heard this one? An Irishman and a...

Right now I teach English at TI and also a class at VI.

I am also one of the student counsellors responsible for the academic, personal and social well being of the students. A task I am passionate about as the students welfare is at the core of what we do at the school.

I have two electives going on right now: Street basketball at our brand new state of the art facility and my beloved sport... golf.

Note from students and colleagues: Paul knows a million idioms, weird words and jokes. We don't always understand them - but he always makes us laugh.

My coolest hashtag#Irish/golfer

Why TI?

TI encompasses all what I personally believe in terms of educating young people. Giving them the skills and techniques they will use. Opening their minds up to the ever-changing world and giving them good grades that they can use to move on up the educational ladder.