From the office chair to the blackboard and halfway back again

An excel fanatic named Michel Christensen checks in

I started my teaching degree after a stay at Ollerup - a "højskole" that focus on gymnastics. The office work I had previously done simply didn't give me enough and gymnastics was my passion.

I came to Vedersø in the summer 2000 as a Gymnastics, Maths and English teacher. In 06/07 I took a short break to live out my dream as a professional gymnastics coach in Gerpla, Iceland - I just needed to win a few international medals in TeamGym before heading back to life in Vedersø.

I have been deputy headmaster of Vedersø Idrætsefterskole since 2008 as well as The International since 2016. Some of my key responsibilities are scheduling for students and teachers as well as media and external communication as I am pretty decent with a camera.

In my free time, I often go hunting.

I teach:

  • Mathematics IGCSE
  • Tumbling
  • Hunting license


Office assistant 1993, 
Bachelor of Education at Odense Seminarium, 2000, in Mathematics and English
Hunting license Instructor 2013

International experience:
Lived and worked as a Head Coach in gymnastics in Iceland in 2006/07


Country on my bucket listSouth Africa - to go hunting

My primary goal in working with young people

I want to be a part of helping our students grow - both academically and personally. Helping them see and experience things outside what they normally do. And helping the students find a healthy balance between the individual and the bigger community.

My favourite quoteThe best way to predict the future is to create it yourself!

Michel's speciality; Gymnastics

- If the ground is flat there's room for a handstand!

Gymnastics embraces a wide range of people - both the elite and the wider populace, and they both have something very valuable to offer.

I have previously had a lot to do with TeamGym both in Denmark and Iceland. No team is stronger than its reserves, and a team's performance can stand or fall with the individual's best performance or error.

TeamGym is for the versatile gymnast who seeks challenges in the three elements: track, trampette and rhythmic series. It takes a lot of diligence in the gym to get really good - and those who stand with the gold, in the end, are the ones who are the best prepared!

And it all starts at home in the tumbling centre. Let's go!


My coolest hashtag#TogetherWeAreStrong

Why TI?

Because there is a purpose behind everything we do. We stick to our values. Nothing is left to chance - because we have thought about the many different aspects and details of our school and way of running it