She makes sure our students get the help they need

After graduating, Lisette Midtgaard Bollerup got a job at Vedersø Idrætsefterskole & The International - and she has been here ever since

I have never been in doubt that I would and should work with people.

After two sabbaticals working with autistic and multi-handicapped children, I started my education to become a teacher in 2007. It was not until the 4th year that I became convinced that I had made the right choice. I was an intern at 'efterskole', and I knew then and there that teaching was the right thing for me - but only if I could get a job at an 'efterskole'!

In 2015, I had the opportunity to take an incredibly exciting and educational coaching course. It became a platform to become the welfare head of department in Vedersø. It's a role I'm incredibly proud and happy to have. 

My job:

  • Head of student welfare


Teaching diploma, Silkeborg Seminarium, 2011. Profile subjects: Math, phusics and special education.
Coaching education with Anni Kirk, Spring of 2015.


My favourite quoteListen to your needs.

Lisette's speciality; student welfare

– The relations we create to our students are paramount.

As the department manager for welfare and education, my core competencies lie within students well-being. I am responsible for the well-being of our students and thus have many conversations with them. If they need a talk, presence, help, a push in the right direction or something else - I am here.

In addition to the well-being part, I teach Mathematics and Physics at VI.

Having to help and support young people socially, personally and academically while having them in classes makes so much sense. The relationships between students and teacher are paramount if we want to help them grow - and we do. Through a strong relationship based on mutual trust and respect, we help our students develop academically, socially and personally.

My primary goal in working with young people

Our students should never feel they are alone. They need to feel safe in knowing that they can get the help they need. We are here for them. That is my priority as Head of Student Welfare.

It is our task to make sure that the students experience successes - big or small. It helps them grow, and it strengthens their belief in their abilities within a larger community.

My coolest hashtag#giveitago