He wanted to try teaching for a year... 30+ years later

Kåre Heide-Ottosen has tried many a thing in the world of education

After several years abroad, I just wanted to try to be a teacher for a year at a business school. But being able to give young people something to bring and use on their journey in life was so enriching that I have now been in the world of education for more than 30 years.

I have worked both as a teacher and headmaster from vocational colleges, youth educations to 'efterskole'. I have been at The International since January 2020 as Head of School.

I Teach:

  • TI project
  • Storytelling


Cand. merc., HD(O)

International experience:
Lived in Sweden and Poland and had the whole world as a workplace as Director of the International Department at University College Lillebælt.


My primary goal in working with young people

To give them a great foundation for their further development and journey in life.

My favourite quoteProblems do not exist - only challenges. And for challenges, you can find solutions. It is only our own creativity and power of will that may limit us.

Kåre's speciality; TI project and storytelling

- Let's learn from each other

In today's world, it is essential to learn how to work project-oriented. That is why it is fantastic to be in charge of our TI project. A subject where we continuously challenge our students with exciting projects. We often work on a group basis, because being able to collaborate and use one another's strengths productively are incredibly important competencies. 

The telling and sharing of stories are both an important part of life - and not least of 'efterskole'. As human beings, we grow when we hear the stories of others - and when we tell our own. As a leader, it is important and special to me to hear our students' stories - and that they hear ours and other people's from cultures around the world.

Why TI?

We live in a global world where we must understand and act in a multicultural environment. TI has young people from all over the world. Thus you get an insight and understanding of other cultures. And you make friends from all over the world for the rest of your life - if you choose to.