The world citizen who came back home

For Jon Bøgedal Ross efterskole is all about community, development and growing as a person

Short description? I am an internationally experienced and eager sportsman, who loves making his students stronger, both mentally and physically. That's really it. The core of it at least.

I have travlled, worked and lived all around the world - and now I am back where it all began: Denmark. It is great to have found a multicultural place like The International, where I am the International Coordinator. 


I teach:

  • Global Perspectives
  • Running and bodyweight training


B.Polsci, University of Pretoria, South Africa,  2011.

International experience:
Lived in: Denmark, Sweden, UK and South Africa. 
Worked as a Security Consultant or Non-Commissioned Officer in: Denmark, UK, South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Iraq, Afghanistan.


Country on my bucket listGermany - mountains, rich cultural history, geographic variety, convenient and orderly; what's not to like?

My primary goal in working with young people

To try and share whatever experience and insight I may have in order to give them all a decent foundation to base their future lives on.

My favourite quoteFreedom Is Only Truly Evident In Its Absence

Jon's speciality; International coordinator, Global Perspectives and workouts

- Let's train both body and mind

My mom lived in the Congo for five years, my eldest brother was born there, my other big brother has travelled the world, and my two younger half-siblings have an international mom – so, I guess the international was a natural part of my life from the get-go.
Personally, I have always had a tingling feeling that my future somehow lay outside Danish borders, and after a childhood and youth visiting most of Europe with my family, I went to Africa in 1999 to travel southern Africa for three months with my older brother, who was studying in South Africa at the time. 
Not long after my return, I went back to Africa to stay with an old Zambian friend, where I remained for 1.5 months accompanying him to Zambian weddings, dinners with princesses, and exposure to a wild world of traditional Zambian cuisine.
At this point, I was hooked on the international, and I have since lived and worked in other countries from England, South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, to Iraq, and more.
It is this passion for what the international setting can bring us, for better or worse, that I strive to infuse into my students, so they can better relate to and act in the world that surrounds us - inside and outside the very same Danish borders I once sought to transcend.”

My coolest hashtag#idonotusehashtags

Why TI?

The dynamism, the cultural melting pot, the great people, and all the positive challenges.