Jakob has two main passions: Music and Gymnastics

Jakob Kiørbye Astrup's biggest goal is to create joy by playing music - for himself and others.

I have spent many years in gyms, in tumbling centres and on show floors. It all started with parent/child gymnastics. It has since developed into becoming an instructor for both R/S Junior teams and various senior teams.
I enjoy being a part of creating the joy of gymnastics that I experienced in Vedersø as a student.
After two years as a student at VI and a student exam from Ringkøbing Gymnasium, I have worked with children and young people of all ages. In August 2017, I started at MGK Holstebro, where I attended education in Music at a very high level. Apart from the whole gymnastics world, I have spent many hours in rehearsal rooms and on stages with my music. Alongside gymnastics, music has always been of great importance to me. I spend several hours a day developing myself as a musician. In recent years I have played many concerts, musicals and dance performances.

I teach:

  • Tumbling
  • Music
  • Song


STX 2016, Ringkøbing,
MGK, Holstebro.


My primary goal in working with young people

A year at 'efterskole' is a year you will never forget. It offers students some amazing experiences and watching them develop gives my work meaning.

It is both the experiences during performances, in the music room, during normal weekdays and the personal development the students go through in a year that makes a stay at an 'efterskole' so very special.

My favourite quoteIf you do not take chances - you will never really improve.

Jakob's speciality: gymnastics and music

- Teamwork is essential - both in gymnastics and in music

Gymnastics has always been a passion for me, especially as an instructor, where I get the great pleasure and privilege of watching gymnasts develop and push to their limits. Gymnastics to me equals the spirit of DGI. To create something bigger together, to be able to walk on the floor as a unified organism, to be able to move its boundaries and develop, is what makes gymnastics so very special.
Just like in gymnastics, music is only really fun if you play with others. Music is a passion I am crazy about. I teach based on the belief that everyone can participate and that everyone can develop. Music is an incredibly social activity, which makes it easy to feel safe and comfortable in the music room.
I teach mostly in a band context, as my passion for music is based on the teamwork between the musicians - which is just incredibly exciting to follow.

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