The Turkish engineer who fell in love with Scandinavia

Deniz Arslanbek: From a chaotic metropolis to the peaceful Danish west coast

As a student, I have spent quite a few years in classrooms but I never really liked school until I came to Denmark and met the unique efterskole concept. When I was 17, I went to Norway on a high school exchange and fell in love with Scandinavian culture and lifestyle. I always wanted to come back and explore more when I was done with my university education. 

While studying at Engineering at university, I tried to help the exchange students coming to Turkey have a great time, explore the culture and experience the country. I did some intercultural seminars and designed educational activities for them. 

The opportunity to finally return to Scandinavia presented itself after I finished with my degree, and thus I came to The International as a volunteer in 2017 to help with daily tasks and some academic classes. Finally, I found a school that I could enjoy! Everything fell into place and the year after I found myself being a full-time teacher of Maths and Science at The International. 

I have never even considered searching for a job as an engineer, I always enjoyed being around the young people at the school and support their learning in both formal and informal educational settings. I feel that I am exactly where I belong.

I teach:

  • Mathematics IGCSE
  • Science IGCSE
  • Different electives such as Exploring Denmark and Film Art.


Mechanical engineering degree, 2017, Middle East Technical University, Ankara,Turkey.

International experience:
From Turkey, where I studied at a university in Ankara. Did an exchange in Haugesund, Norway. Now lives in Denmark.


Country on my bucket listIran - to explore the country with thousands of years of history, culture, philosophy and literature. Iran is so different from any country in the region.

My primary goal in working with young people

To help them become citizens of the world and broaden their perspectives. The world is constantly changing and thus we also constantly need to change and adapt. I enjoy seeing how young individuals develop both academically and socially - and supporting them in this.

My favourite quoteThe time is always right to do what is right.

Deniz' speciality; Science, Math - and fun!

- Everything can be an experiment

Maths and Science helps us to understand the world around us better. As an engineer, analytical classes are my speciality.

I enjoy creating fun experiments and projects for the students so that they can better understand how all that heavy theoretical 

knowledge works in practice.  So let's build something! How about a windmill?

Speaking of fun. I am always up for a good game with the students. Table tennis or football? Board games? Let's go!

My coolest hashtag#senabdülhamitisavundun

Why TI?

Diversity and intercultural understanding are some of my key values in life. TI is a place where those two values are very much cared for and respected. It gives everyone the chance to be themselves and be accepted as who they are - both as students and teachers. Whoever is happy will make others happy too.