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Viva la...VidaRace!

On Friday the 4th of October, our annual VidaRace took place – and what fun we had.

Being almost at the half-term of the semester, we had been spending many hours sitting and focusing on academics, but now it was finally time to let loose and spend some time in the great outdoors of our schools, our community.

For those who might be confused, VidaRace is one of the great events at our school that takes place every year together with Vedersø Idrætsefterskole. It consists of a set of challenges, where both physical and logical skills are put to test. It is a day that most certainly lets the more adventurous sides of our students come out and play. The students form teams for the event, all of them having a name/theme and matching outfits for it.

This year, there were 41 teams in total. Some of the tasks included: Diving underwater, climbing ladders, biking, running, solving puzzles, pulling giant tires and much more. The question might not be what the activities were, but rather what didn’t we do, considering the colorful palette the adventure race offered. One thing is certain: no one stayed dry and by the end of the competition everyone had challenged themselves, laughed and smiled – and the students were definitely in need of some kind of reward. So the hot dog stand the school had standing ready at the finish line was very popular.

Asking Lily Nielsen, a student from The International: “How was the VidaRace?” The answer came without hesitation is: “A great challenge.”

It’s always great to see how VidaRace really is an amazing experience for the students, and this year was definitely another successful race.

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