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Trip to Italy

For this year’s European trip, our destination was the land of amazing food, rich culture, and beautiful people: Italy.

We stayed at a spacious camping site with a lot of facilities in Peschiera del Garda, Verona. The camping site was located right next to the Lake Garda and had a beautiful beach. It was the perfect combination of green and blue with all the nature around the lake. We went to the beach right after we unpacked and had a lot of fun before our trip to the town of Peschiera del Garda. After some shopping for the dinner prep, all our students went on to cook dinner together in their bungalows. We brought “hygge” to Italy with a cozy time around the dinner table with good company and good food.

Then came the crowd-favorite day of the trip: Venice. Our students had a small task as they started their day in the city of canals: A treasure hunt. They were given a list of some of the landmarks in the city, and they had to take a group selfie in front of all the places in the list. It was an amazing way to get to know the city. After the group task, we had free time to walk around and explore the beautiful narrow streets of Venice.

On the next day, we went canyoning. We hiked through the mountains and jumped from waterfalls. Although some of us needed a little bit of a push, everyone was happy at the end. After canyoning, we were tired and hungry, so we made pizza together. The amazing chefs of the pizzeria in our camping site were kind enough to teach us how to make pizza. We discovered some natural chefs among us.

The last day was the chill day and we continued to explore the amazing town of Peschiera del Garda. There were many activities on the agenda: walking on the beach, swimming in the lake, walking around the town and shopping, playing volleyball in the campsite, and many more.

After another long bus ride home, we had a long weekend to rest, recover and get ready for the rest of the semester. People say that “you really know a person when you travel together”, and we already can’t wait till our next trip with this bunch.

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