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The weather doesn't stop us! (from having fun)

Our yearly camping trip to Ølstoft was scheduled last week. Due to the unpredictability of the Danish weather, we had to end it earlier. However, this did not mean, that we did not have fun or enjoy it while we were there. Though we could not build our shelters outside, we had a real-hygge time inside playing board games, socializing and singing to some guitar music. We became experts at playing ”Partners” and had so much fun playing ”Uno”. We jammed along to our talented students' guitar and sang the well-known tune “Let Her Go”. After we cleaned and packed, we once again set out on the road and in groups, started biking back to the school. There, we continued the fun with some more team-building. Even if, we did not have quite the camping trip that was initially planned we did have a great deal of fun and we became closer as a group. Most importantly, we did not let Danish weather stand in our way. Instead we showed it that rain or shine, TI is going to have fun.


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