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The International Houses

Amundsen, Cousteau, Armstrong, Hillary… Not only incredible people, but also the names of the incredible houses of The International (think Hogwarts).

Students are divided into four houses at the beginning of the year (thanks to the sorting hat – our teacher Consuelo), and they spend the whole year competing in several ways. The houses get their names from influential people such as astronaut Neil Armstrong, Antarctic explorer Roald Amundsen, naval officer and marine explorer Jacques Cousteau and mountaineer Edmund Hillary. All these people have dedicated their lives to exploring different parts of the world – in Armstrong’s case, the universe. Our students not only keep these important figures’ memories alive; they also learn from their incredible life stories.

House Amundsen have won the competition three years in a row now, what will happen this year? Let’s have a look at the first house competitions:

The first house task was to prepare a presentation about their respective houses, names behind them, logos, and slogans. After well-prepared presentations, our students were also supposed to create a chant and a house song together, trying to impress the only neutral person at the school: Sidse The Judge.

The best presentation competition was contentious, and at the end, it was a tie between Amundsen and Armstrong thanks to their organized and informative presentations about the famous explorer Roald Amundsen and astronaut Neil Armstrong.

The best house song award went to Cousteau, the mighty Cousteau! They had a fun house song and an enthusiastic performance.

After the presentations and musical performances, we went outside to have a physical house competition. The students were surprised to see wheel carts, buckets of water and some eggs. They filled the buckets with water, carrying one another in wheel carts. Cousteau collected the points and was the winner of the first round.  

Everyone here at TI is quite excited for the second round of the house competitions. Stay tuned for the latest news about our house competitions!

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