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One Big International Smile in Vedersø

On Thursday the 3rd of October, The International - Academy and Boarding School of Denmark together with Vedersø Idrætsefterskole joined forces to celebrate and create a human smiley in honor of the upcoming World Smile Day.  Approximately 200 participants, including both staff and students from both schools, took part in the event all in all representing more than 20 nationalities from all over the world.

Throughout the world, World Smile Day is celebrated on the first Friday in October. Due their packed schedule the two schools The International and Vedersø Idrætsefterskole, decided to have World Smile Day come a day early to Vedersø in Denmark, where both schools are located. The day was celebrated by creating a human smiley.


A giant smiley in the making

The idea of making a human smiley came from The International’s Hungarian volunteer, Renata Nagy. The purpose of the event is to remind people of the importance of smiling and kindness, as well as uniting them, regardless of religion, gender, or nationality in this spirit.

A prerequisite for the participation was wearing blue, red, black and yellow clothing. Later, the participants were divided into separate groups: the blue group represented the eyes, the red one being the lips, the biggest group of yellow colours forming the body of the smiley, and at last the black group creating the contour of it.

The event proved to be a success as several students and staff expressed their overall satisfaction.

Hjalte, a Danish student from The International said:

”I think it was quite fun to form a big smiley together with both schools. Looking at the picture is so nice, it shows how united we all were for a great cause. I think this is amazing.”

Frederik, a student from Vedersø Idrætsefterskole, added: ”Having both schools unite to create a bigger smiley is definitely a good idea. I am happy, we joined The International for this event.”


A symbol with many meanings

The International Smile Day has been celebrated since 1999. The founder is Harvey Ball, a U.S. Commercial artist, who in 1963 designed the mow famous smiley-face. The symbol became so popular that it has been used in everything from marketing to art and for both political and personal purposes.

Harvey Ball concluded that his smiley had started to lose the meaning, he originally attributed to it, when he created the smiley. For him, the smiley served as a symbol for kindness, promoting equality between the individuals. He believed that every year, we should spend at least one day reflecting on the importance of smiles and kindness in our lives. So, he decided to designate the first Friday of October as World Smile Day. This happy tradition was held for the first time in his hometown Worcester, Massachusetts, U.S.A. With the years passing, it spread from location to location, from countries to continents until it reached worldwide recognition.


Happy smiles and happy students

Now it has reached the cosy village of Vedersø in Denmark, where approximately 200 participants from The International - Academy and Boarding School of Denmark and Vedersø Idrætsefterskole, has gathered their student from over 20 nationalities to create the biggest international smiley in the community, uniting in the spirit of happy smiles and kindness.

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