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New Head of School at The International

The 31st of December Alex Mason withdrew from his position as Head of School at The International - Academy and Boarding School of Denmark. He has been with the school since it started up in 2016 and has played an important role in the development of the school. He is now on to new adventures, and we wish him all the best - though we were sad to see him go. On to better news. We have found and hired an extremely qualified candidate, Kåre Heide-Ottosen, who had his first day today the 15th of January.


An exciting concept

Kåre Heide-Ottosen has worked as the Headmaster of Rydhave Slots Efterskole since 2016. He has furthermore worked at Tiegens Business College in Odense for several years and has helped start and develop an international department at University College Lillebælt. He has now chosen to say yes to the role of Head of School at The International:

”I applied for the position because I think it is an exciting area and school profile to work with. I have been involved in international schooling before, and I would like to return to that. I am also looking very much forward to spend more time with the students at the school and getting to know them as they really create the school," says Kåre Heide-Ottosen and continues:

”I'm excited to start. I will have to dust off my English but I'm sure it'll come back to me quite fast. I have many years of experience that I am excited to get to use in this role. I think it is gonna be really interesting." 


One big family

Kåre Heide-Ottosen will be moving to Herning with his wife, Liv, and his youngest son, Tor, who plays icehockey in Herning. And family really is a keyword for Kåre when it comes to efterskole: ”What I love most about efterskole is that you really are one big family - and that is simply amazing to be a part of," he says with a smile. 

He firmly believes that he can contribute to the little efterskole family at The International in a positive way: 

”I'm good at creating a cosy and including environment for the young people at school. I probably think a bit more out of the box than most.”


Goals for the future

Kåre Heide-Ottosen already has some clear goals for his work and role at the school:

”I look forward to develop the department further in collavoration with my collegues. We want to be even bigger on the international scene but also to be one of the number one places for Danish students with international interests. I am really glad to join the team. Even more people in Denmark and abroad need to know who we are, and the great concept we offer. In the future, I hope the school will experience enough succes to be able to expand as well"

This goal matches well with the school management's goals:

”We hope, expect and believe that Kåre will be able to continue the positive development of the school and take it even further. We have had a great start since we opened in 2016, and we are sure Kåre is the right person for the next step of the journey. We believe that the more people know about us and our great concept, the more students will chose to come and have an unforgettable year here,” explains Kim Skouborg Jespersen.

Welcome Kåre. We look forward to having you be a part of our TI family.





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