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By: Kasper Marshall and Nynne Foldager, students at TI 19/20

Want to become a journalist? Well that’s no problem this week, where the students have learned a lot about journalism and how to put a newspaper together by creating hteir very own student magazine.

After a long year of studying hard, the exams are finally over. Now with a few weeks left of the year, we decided to take a different approach to the teaching. We gave the students the task of writing an article on a topic of their choice.

The week started with the teachers presenting presentations to the students on the different types of articles and the different genres of journalism. After a long morning of learning about writing, it was time to put theory into practice.  The students then split into roles. The roles consisted of the editors, layout team, journalists and the SoMe team. They started forming groups and choosing their topic for the short week ahead. Some chose to write portraits on staff members, others chose to write about the school and the different rules, we must follow. A few students contributed to the newspaper in another way. They worked with creative writing, drawing, and comic strips. After the first day the journalist group were finished with the ideas generating for the articles and their headings.

The second day started off with them continuing their work and interviewing the staff and students. This then gave them quotes for their articles and different opinions to use. While they were doing this, the editor team were collecting the articles and started to edit them, correcting any mistakes including grammar and fixing some headings. They would then pass it on to the layout team. The layout team were designing the front page and putting the articles together to form our newspaper.

At the end of the day all the articles were sent in and slowly but surely the newspaper was coming together.

On the last day of the student magazine project all the journalists were done. Their articles were done and sent in. Now it was up to the layout team and the editors to complete the newspaper.

This newspaper will give the readers a glimps of the past year from the students’ perspective. And give the students a nice way to look back upon their year together.

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