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Meet Your World - Efterskolernes Day

On 29th of September, The International opened its gates to welcome everyone interested in knowing more about the school. The visitors had the opportunity to see and experience some of our electives in action and feel how it is to be a student at The International. The Crea workshops was open for business, and the students were coloring, painting rocks, making bracelets, while others dived into media production and photo editing. For those more interested in sports, indoor biking, tumbling and dance were on offer. While the prospective students looked around and tried themselves at the different subjects, the parents could get to know and share a nice talk and a cup of coffee with our staff members, who were happy to answer any questions. Our own students - the very best ambassadors, we have - showed the visitors around and told them about life at the school, the subjects, the rules, and their own experiences.

The afternoon went by in the blink of an eye and left everyone tired but in a great mood, having met many wonderful new faces as well as given information and insight into what The International has to offer.


Thank you to everyone visiting.


If you missed this occasion, you can come to our next Open Day event on the 10th of November, or find us at DGI Huset in Vejle on 13th of November. You are also always welcome to arrange a private show-around with us.

We'll be happy to meet you anytime.

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