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Halloween at The International

October 31st caught The International in an all Halloweeny spirit. Young students from the locals schools in Stadil and Tim were officially invited to join us to let the little and older ones celebrate together during an all-spooky afternoon.

The event was fun-filled with various Halloween-themed activities to choose from: apple bobbing, “feel that” game, where the curious ones could reach their hands in a bowl and guess what they touched. 

Next to our Halloween activities, we also gave some room for the Mexican Day of the Dead tradition, or in Spanish, El Dia de los Muertos, through which the ones interested could try their hands at face painting or let their faces be painted, but also for the younger ones (and not only) coloring of Day of the Dead skull-masks, which is very particular to this celebration.

More than that, good music and self-made cookies with spooky, hand-made decorations by our students, guaranteed the good mood at the event.

At the end of the evening, the best costumes (both for girls and boys) as well as the best decorated student rooms were awarded. The enthusiasm of the students could be sensed by the effort they made in creating their costumes, doing their make-up and decorating their own rooms. The jury didn't have an easy job judging, but it was a joy to do so – and just a little scary. 

All in all, another evening spent with lots of shared laughter.

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