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Football fever: Artificial turf to be built in Vedersø

Soccer players at The International love the summer, because this is the best time to play and train ourdoors. In the dark winter months, they often have to train inside or go to Ringkøbing by bus to train. But this will soon be over. An exciting new project is on the drawing board. The International and our sister school Vedersø Idrætsefterskole are getting our very own artificial turf which make outside training session – and play – possible all year round.


Best artificial turf in West Jutland

The plans are almost ready to me set into motion. The board has given their permission, and the financing is in place.

If all goes as planned, we expect the artificial turf to be ready for use in the summer 2020. When the turf is done it will be the best equipped artificial turf in the region due to the choice to include a Goal-Station in the plans. This especially makes our head coach of soccer, Martin Holk Pedersen, happy:

”I’m very excited. The new artificial turf is a clear upgrade of our soccer profile. It will improve our ability to train seriously all year round. Especially the Goal-Station will be able to help our players improve their technical skills with data-based training.”


Full speed ahead

Soccer is together with Gymnastics, Badminton and Dance one of the profile electives at The International. The new artificial turf is being built to help improve the elective for our keen soccer enthusiast so they can train at full speed year-round:

”We already have a strong soccer profile, but we want to make it even stronger and improve conditions for our students. This is why we have chosen to invest in an artificial turf. When it is done, it will be the best equipped in West Jutland, because that’s just how we do it in Vedersø. We will also be upgrading our soccer profile in general in terms of coaches, number of practices, but there will still be room for everyone at every level. I’m personally looking forward to seeing our students use it for both practice and play all year,” says principal Kim Skouborg, a big smile playing on his lips.”

The new artificial turf will add to the already extensive sports facilities at the school such as our two gym halls, tumbling center, sports halls, outdoor soccer fields and our gym.



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