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Create Your T.I. Story Week Recap

The second of our Project Weeks was the Create your TI Story week. Throughout this four-day event, the students had to pick a story from their year spent at TI and present it creatively. For this, they were offered different workshops, such as Drama, Storytelling or Videoscripting. The choice for the end-result was left up to them, it could be a poem, a short- story, a video, a play or anything in between. The most important aspect was that whatever they chose to create had to present something from their year thus far that somehow had taught them a morale.  

Most of the students chose to make videos or animations with voiceovers. There was no lack of creativity. We had teams who wrote their own lyrics to a popular song, and some nice storyboards depicting this year's events as a whole. We got some perspectives on the rules from the students' view, and some background footage from the adventures our students experienced during the European trip in the Czech Republic. All in all, we had a little bit of everything. As such talent cannot go unnoticed, we decided to end the project with an “Oscar ceremony”. The videos were voted upon by the jury consisting of the staff members. 

Not everyone could win a prize, but everyone's great efforts were equally appreciated and praised.

Thank you for the great work!   


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