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Are You Scared Now?

Lights down. Silence. Darkness. Fullscreen. One click. Play. It starts.


Between October 30th-31st, TI hosted its annual Halloween celebration. Due to the Coronavirus, we couldn't invite guests or celebrate trick-or-treating in the traditional way. However, this all didn't stop us from having a really good, and occasionally scary, time for Halloween.


On Friday, we had an all-afternoon horror movie marathon that stretched until midnight. We gave the event a real cinema-feeling with lots of popcorn and some snacks. Taking in consideration different tastes, we watched the suspense animation Spirited Away, but also the black-horror-comedy, The Addams Family and for the lovers of the original horror-genre, we had on-screen The Ring, Halloween and It.


After our movie-marathon experience, we started Saturday with some creative activities. First on the agenda was our pumpkin carving house competition, where the four houses had to carve some sort of representation of their houses in their pumpkins. House Hillary decided to make their logo - a mountain - while others followed a more Halloween-y theme, like house Cousteau who carved a (fake-)blooded shark as their pumpkin. The competition was won by precisely Cousteau, followed by house Amundsen who re-created the life-cycle of a penguin (the house's spirit-animal) from an egg to a baby and then to an adult penguin, Armstrong came third and Hillary took fourth place.


The creativity continued in the kitchen and dining hall, where we made some Halloween-themed chocolate-apples and decorated cupcakes with different scary themes and motifs.


The cream on the cake was, however, yet to come. On the evening of 31st, we kicked off our last activity for our Halloween weekend, our party. The event lasted for approximately 3, 5 hours and our students had it all: a costume-party, different scary games and a nice and fun dance party with lots of music, snacks, drinks and of course, candies.

We had among us The Joker, The Reaper, an alien, nuns and many more costumes all of which we could vote for in four different categories: Scariest, Best Homemade, Funniest, and Most Creative Costume. The awards were given at the end of the evening at a festive ceremony, where the House representatives and the Halloween-committee were also rewarded for their contribution and hard work.


The time went by fast and our youngsters definitely didn't want the party to end as they tried to stretch it a bit more. As the saying goes - all good things come to an end. So did our Halloween weekend but just because it ended doesn't mean it wasn't fun. We laughed, we created, we got scared, we had a little bit of everything.

It was another great and fun event at TI.


Music stops. Footsteps. Tam-tam-tam. Faster. Then slower. Door closes. Lights go out. It ends.     

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