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¡Hola España!

Last week The International got a visit from our partner exchange school from Albacete, Spain. In total, 22 students and two teachers spent six fun-filled days with us. During this visit, our guests got the great experience of life as an efterskole student. They had the opportunity to participate in all of the classes and electives our students have and were able to enjoy our gym halls, tumbling center and music room.

However, not everything was about sitting on benches in the classrooms. The guests together with our students went on trips to discover some of Denmark's famous and interesting sites, thus giving our visitors a more personal experience of Danish culture. The trips included a visit to the iconic Legoland in Billund, where students could go back to their 5-year-old selves without shame and try out any of the numerous activities offered in the amusement park. From discovering Atlantis to visiting the Haunted House or getting lost at the North Pole - everything was possible. 

We also took a lovely little trip to Thorsminde, where we visited the St. George Strandingsmuseum which gave everyone a valuable history lesson as well as a spectacular view over to the sea. We got to know about a vast number of shipwrecks caused by hurricanes and unpredictable currents on the West Coast of the country.

Not only did we enjoy the natural beauty of Denmark, we also got to visit and tour around two of the biggest cities: Aarhus and Esbjerg.
Before we knew it, the visit was over, and we had to bid farewell to our new friends. However, this goodbye is not going to be too long as soon we will be the ones visiting them.

Until then,

¡Hasta pronto y gracias!   

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