School Year 2023-24

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Here you can find important information about your school year at The International - Academy and Boarding School of Denmark including term dates and holidays. 

School year 2023/24

Please note that all dates and events are subject to change. 

  • First day of school - Thursday 10th August 2023

  • Half term - 13th - 22th October 2023 (week 42). The students will be off in the afternoon on the 13th. They must be back at the school Sunday the 22th in the evening.

  • Christmas  farewell - December 20th

  • Christmas vacation - December 20th - January 2rd. Students must be back at the school before 3 pm on the 2rd. We are having lessons that Tuesday from 4 pm

  • Easter break  (Extended) - Students leave for Spring break on Thursday the 21th of March 2024 from 3 pm. They should arrive back at school Tuesday the 2nd of April (classes from 4 pm).

  • Graduation - Saturday 22th June 2024

When the provisional calendar has been made it canbe downloaded here.