School Fees

School Fees

There is naturally a fee for attending The International - Academy and Boarding School of Denmark. However, the annual fee includes all accommodation, materials, examination fees, meals and so on, as well as a European study trip and trips in Denmark. 

Value for money

The fee for the School Year 2019/20 is 2410 DKK a week for 42 weeks.

A non-refundable deposit of 3500 DKK is required upon signing of the Contract to formally confirm enrollment.

Furthermore, a non-refundable registration fee of 250 DKK, payable upon registration, is required to reserve your place.

Please note that there is an extra payment of between  5000-20,000 DKK  for our Global Perspectives trip depending on your chosen destination. 

Funding and scholarships

The fee for Danish students is subsidised by the Danish State based on parental income. This includes Danes living abroad. 

International families, who have lived in Denmark for more than two year, are also entitled to apply for state funding. 

International students, who are not eligible for funding from the Danish government, must pay the full amount. 

We do not currently offer scholarships. However, it is possible to apply to the school’s board for indiviudal aid. Each written application will be individually assessed by the Board to determine whether any financial aid can be offered depending on the economic requirements of each candidate. Families must provide proof of household income for two years prior to the academic year when applying for this aid.  

You are welcome to contact the school’s office for further information. Ring tel. +(45) 50 88 95 60 or send an e-mail to