International students

Who joins The International?

The International is open to all students aged 14-17 years from Denmark and overseas. The majority of our students have some connection to Denmark- but by no means all. What do they all have in common? They want to gain a valuable international education in a unique Danish setting, improve their English and experience efterskole life.

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The world comes to Vedersø

The International - Academy and Boarding School of Denmark is an English-speaking efterskole offering you a Cambridge IGCSE education. A year at The International equates to Years 10&11 in the British education system, and Grades 9&10 in the Danish and American systems, which is the final year(s) of lower secondary education. Students are between 14 and 17 when starting heir year at The International.​NB:  Cambridge IGCSE courses do not grant direct access to university/college, but can be used to apply for sixth form/upper secondary studies such as Pre-IB, IB and A-levels in some countries.

Our students come from all around the world and typically fall into the following categories:


1. Danish students with a global outlook, who wish to pursue an international education or a career abroad or within an international company here in Denmark.

2. Foreign students with Danish roots, who do not necessarily speak Danish.

3. Danes who live abroad, but want to give their children an international education rooted in Danish values.

4. Foreign parents who work in Denmark, who wish to give their children an international education along with the unique Danish experience of attending an efterskole, which has previously been unavailable or limited due to language barriers.

5. Foreign students who do have not a connection to Denmark other than the desire to attend an international school with Danish traditions and to whom convenience of boarding school is an added bonus.

Everyone is welcome*

* However, non-EU citizens need to apply for a study visa and are only permitted by law to stay for one academic year. For more information on visa regulations and entry criteria please visit the entry requirements section. 

Year of her lifeMy daughter is having the year of her life! I think all kids should have this chance!
Niqui Runciman, English mother to Kiara from Spain