Information Technology

Connecting to your world

Digital media and E-learning are important tools in our teaching at The International. They are also important tools for communication with the outside world and cooperation with our international partners. 

E-learning and teaching

All classrooms are brand new and many tasks will be digtially based and delivered. All students should bring a laptop with them. Our systems and staff support both Mac and PC.

As many of our learning resources will be digital and it is also important that you have the latest version of Microsoft Office. The school will provide Microsoft Office 365 if you do not have your own version.


We expect that your computer has an up to date antivirus programme installed. You have free access to the school’s purchased antivirus programme whilst with us.


Mobile coverage and internet

The school is fully serviced by 4G telephone coverage, WiFi and fibre optic broadband throughout, so that you can keep in touch with your friends and family, wherever in the world they might be. 

The school has full and free Wi-Fi coverage regardless of where you are on the campus.


Mobile phone policy

In order to ensure students’ sleep and promote positive social interaction between roommates, all computers are to be handed in for safekeeping at night-time along with students’ mobile telephones and other internet capable devices. 

During the day we ask that students keep their mobile phones in their rooms for safekeeping and to limit the temptation to use them during class. Furthermore, this helps students to interact more outside of lessons. 

Computers are of course a necessary learning tool during lessons and are therefore welcomed.